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The Most Amazing Man — episode 151

1. Lucas and Lou were having coffee. Who came to join them?

2. What was Mark excited about?
He had gotten an ‘A’ on his school composition

3. What was the composition about?
The most amazing man I ever met

4. Who did Lucas think this was about?

5. Who was it about?
Wade Randall

6. Who was Wade Randall?
A man who bragged about things he did not do

7. Wade was bragging in the street. What did a man named Lovett ask him?
If he killed Red Morgan

8. What did Wade answer?
That he did kill Red Morgan

9. At dinner Mark asked Wade to join them. What did he do?
He was going to join them but then declined

10. What was Wade worried about?
Lovett has now challenged him as Red was his friend

11. What did Lucas notice about Wade?
His hands were shaking

12. What did Lucas do?
Go to see Wade in his room and told him he better leave town

13. What did Wade confide in Lucas?
That his name was really Orley Fudd and he was a cook for the Railroad

14. What did Lucas offer to do for Wade?
Bring a ladder so he could escape through a window

15. Was he now going to leave town?

16. Why was he staying?
He had to stay and face it. He couldn’t go back to being ‘Cookie’ and people laughing at him all the time

17. What did Mark want to do for Wade?
Buy him a medal of “admiration and respect”

18. What did Lucas then offer to do for Wade?
Set up a display in the street when Lovett came for Wade including… fire, water putting out the fire, transportation and ringing the bell for the fire brigade

19. What did Lovett do at the sight of all this?
Left town in a hurry

20. Who played Wade? What other episode was he in?
Sammy Davis Jr. played Tip Corey in Two Ounces of Tin, he was the guy who wanted the Marshal out of North Fork by sundown ― The Most Amazing Man as Wade Randall, he's the cowboy who claimed to have killed Red Morgan

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