The  Rifleman
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Squeeze Play — episode

1. What did Willard Prescott stop to talk to Lucas about?
Selling his land

2. Why was Lucas ranch important?
Lucas land adjoined land he had purchased and the Railroad wanted these properties

3. Was Lucas in favor of selling his land?

4. What did he offer Lucas?
An envelope full of money

5. What did Mark ask Lucas about that night?
Why don’t they sell the ranch and get another one

6. What was Mark really worried about?
That Lucas might be hurt if he did not sell

7. What was Lucas response?
"The land has to be something we live and feel, not just something we talk about." "Mark...when your mother passed away, I took you away from Oklahoma because. I couldn't stand the ranch there anymore. I couldn't stay yet I really couldn't leave...I kind of carried it in my heart. I didn't know it at the time, but...I was looking for a place just like it. Well I found it here in North Fork. Same land, same valleys, same hills. This house we built...same house...barn...same barn.” I looked toward the hill. “That hill Mark...that's the way it use to look in the moonlight, kind of a soft blanket of silver on it. The only thing missing is the cross at the crest that marks your mother's resting place

8. The next day when they rode to the South section what did they find?
Fence posts were cut and the wire cut and cattle were out

9. Who did Lucas see when he rode to town?
Prescott sitting outside the hotel

10. What did Prescott think Lucas was going to do?
Take his offer

11. What did Lucas do instead?
He took the money envelope from Prescott

12. Was Lucas now going to sell?

13. Why did Lucas take the envelope?
He only took a $20 bill to cover the damage

14. What did Lou tell Lucas about these men?
That she had seen them operating in Denver and they got what they wanted

15. What happened the net morning at the ranch?
Prescott and his men came for Lucas

16. What did they do first?
Locked Mark in the shed

17. What happened next?
They beat Lucas up

18. What did Prescott finally do?
Called his men off, he knew Lucas would not comply

19. What did Lucas and Mark talk about that evening on the porch?
Mark said he now understood about the land. Before he was looking with his eyes, now he sees it with his heart

20. Who played Prescott?
Gerald Mohr played Willard Prescott in this episode of Squeeze Play

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