The  Rifleman
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Squeeze Play — episode

1. What did Willard Prescott stop to talk to Lucas about?

2. Why was Lucas ranch important?

3. Was Lucas in favor of selling his land?

4. What did he offer Lucas?

5. What did Mark ask Lucas about that night?

6. What was Mark really worried about?

7. What was Lucas response?

8. The next day when they rode to the South section what did they find?

9. Who did Lucas see when he rode to town?

10. What did Prescott think Lucas was going to do?

11. What did Lucas do instead?

12. Was Lucas now going to sell?

13. Why did Lucas take the envelope?

14. What did Lou tell Lucas about these men?

15. What happened the net morning at the ranch?

16. What did they do first?

17. What happened next?

18. What did Prescott finally do?

19. What did Lucas and Mark talk about that evening on the porch?

20. Who played Prescott?

Squeeze Play — answers

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