The  Rifleman
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Gun Shy — episode

1. What happened when Lucas and Mark were working at the ranch?
Marks friend Charlie and his cousin Fred rode up

2. What did they want to do?
See Lucas rifle

3. What did Mark say?
He said no at first, “a rifle is not a play toy”

4. They were teasing Mark about the rifle and Lucas shooting abilities. How did Mark respond?
“Why, at fifty feet my Pa can drivel six nails with it in less then three seconds.

5. Did Mark finally give in?

6. What did Mark say?
They could look at but be careful

7. What did Fred do?
Grabbed the rifle, cocked the lever and shot it killing Charlie

8. What did Mark do after the funeral?
He wanted some alone time

9. When Lucas got home that evening what was Marks mood?
He was upset and would not eat

10. What did Mark say?
He could not stand to look at Lucas rifle now?

11. What did Lucas try to get Mark to do?
Hold the rifle

12. Mark went to bed but late that night where did Mark go?
To the hotel

13. Why was he here?
He asked Lou if he could stay and leave early in the morning as he was leaving town

14. What did Lou get Mark to do?
Try her apple pie and tell her what was wrong

15. What did Mark ask from Lou?
$25 for traveling expenses to California

16. When Lucas went to the hotel to find Mark what did he say to Lou?
He complimented her on her new dress

17. Who forced himself in Lou’s kitchen?
Vantine, who had escaped from prison

18. When Lucas was upstairs talking to Mark what did he say?
Lucas played along with Mark and gave him some more money

19. When Vantine had Lou and Lucas at gunpoint, how did Mark save the day?
Mark was now behind the hotel desk and tossed the rifle to Lucas

20. Who played Vantine? What other episodes was he in?
Peter Whitney appeared in nine episodes ― Eddie's Daughter as Tracey Blanch, he's the big dude who came looking for Lil ― Mail Order Groom as John Jupiter, he was the Mail Order Groom, the one that Jess Profit (John Anderson) kept picking on ― Heller as Andrew Bechtol, the mean stepfather ― Strange Town as Ott Droshek, he ran the Strange TownThe Queue as Vince Fergus, again he was the bully, the instigator who picked on Wang Chi ― Long Gun From Tucson as John Holliver, he was the cowboy who came back for revenge ― Lou Mallory as Neb Jackman, the Pa of the Jackman clan ― Gun Shy as Vantine, he was the man who was holding Lou hostage ― Which Way'd They Go? as Ned Jackman, the Pa of the Jackman clan.

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