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Gun Shy — episode

1. What happened when Lucas and Mark were working at the ranch?

2. What did they want to do?

3. What did Mark say?

4. They were teasing Mark about the rifle and Lucas shooting abilities. How did Mark respond?

5. Did Mark finally give in?

6. What did Mark say?

7. What did Fred do?

8. What did Mark do after the funeral?

9. When Lucas got home that evening what was Marks mood?

10. What did Mark say?

11. What did Lucas try to get Mark to do?

12. Mark went to bed but late that night where did Mark go?

13. Why was he here?

14. What did Lou get Mark to do?

15. What did Mark ask from Lou?

16. When Lucas went to the hotel to find Mark what did he say to Lou?

17. Who forced himself in Lou’s kitchen?

18. When Lucas was upstairs talking to Mark what did he say?

19. When Vantine had Lou and Lucas at gunpoint, how did Mark save the day?

20. Who played Vantine? What other episodes was he in?

Gun Shy — answers

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