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The Anvil Chorus — episode

1.  Why was Micah going out of town?
He was going to a wedding

2.  Who was getting married?
Micah's friend Joey Adams

3.  Why would Lucas not take the Deputy job while Micah was out of town?
It was branding season

4.  Who did Micah appoint as Deputy?

5.  What did Nils try to do to keep the town safe?
Make anyone who came to town give up their guns until they left

6.  When Nils asked for Lucas rifle what did Lucas say?
"Nobody takes this rifle away from me, Nils. You know that!”

7.  Why did Nils especially want Lucas to give over his rifle?
To set an example

8.  Who were the three cowboys who rode into town?
They knew there was cattle money in North Fork and they were going after it

9.  What did Mark see when he was at the Marshall office?
Wanted posters of the men who were in town

10. What did the men do?
Went to the Marshall office and took Nils and Mark prisoner

11. Who did Nils try to tip off what was going on?
When Benson came to pick up his gun, Nils called him ‘Lucas’ and also gave him the wrong gun

12. What did Benson do?
Rode past the McCain ranch to tell Lucas about Nils being so forgetful

13. Why was Lucas worried?
Because Mark had not come home and the information Nils gave Benson seemed suspicious

14. What did Lucas do?
Rode into town and ask to give Nils his rifle because he was going to Sweeneys

15. What did Nils say?
It was late, he could keep his gun but “don’t get drunk like you did the last time”.

16. This tipped Lucas off. What did he do then?
Went to the back of the jail and saw Nils and Mark in a cell

17. Why did Nils call one of the men back to the cell?
To get his gun and the cell keys and for the man to see Lucas standing at the cell window

18. Nils thought that Micah would not talk to him again. What was Lucas reply?
Lucas made Nils feel better by saying "When he sees the customers you've got in his jail, I think he'll be coming to you for advice"

19. Who played Platt? What other episodes was he in?
Adam Williams appeared in six episodes ― The Challenge as Jake Pardee, the leader of the gang and the one who thought he had to prove himself ― The Score is Even as Jax, he was the one in charge and the one who told Andy to kill the McCain's ― The Prisoner as Corporal Troc a ex-Confederate officer and the aide to Major Aaron King ― The Anvil Chorus as Platt, the leader of the gang ― The Executioner (which he wrote) as Russell Ganaway, he was a former friend of Lucas', just released from jail and the one who hid the stolen money on the McCain Ranch ― The Old Man Running as Jeb Sherman, the leader of the gang and wanted for killing a railroad agent

20.Who played Nils? What other episodes was he in?
Joe Higgins played Nils Swenson. Joe Higgins holds the record for playing Nils, The Blacksmith. There were four episodes that Joe did not play Nils, He played the bartender in Strange Town — Rafe the blacksmith in The Wyoming Story part 2Short Rope for a Tall Man as Henry Schneider the horse thief — Stopover as Scotty the Stagecoach Driver

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