The  Rifleman
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The Anvil Chorus — episode

1.  Why was Micah going out of town?

2.  Who was getting married?

3.  Why would Lucas not take the Deputy job while Micah was out of town?

4.  Who did Micah appoint as Deputy?

5.  What did Nils try to do to keep the town safe?

6.  When Nils asked for Lucas rifle what did Lucas say?

7.  Why did Nils especially want Lucas to give over his rifle?

8.  Who were the three cowboys who rode into town?

9.  What did Mark see when he was at the Marshall office?

10. What did the men do?

11. Who did Nils try to tip off what was going on?

12. What did Benson do?

13. Why was Lucas worried?

14. What did Lucas do?

15. What did Nils say?

16. This tipped Lucas off. What did he do then?

17. Why did Nils call one of the men back to the cell?

18. Nils thought that Micah would not talk to him again. What was Lucas reply?

19. Who played Platt? What other episodes was he in?

20.Who played Nils? What other episodes was he in?

The Anvil Chorus — answers

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