The  Rifleman
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Conflict — episode

1. What were Lucas and Mark doing?
They were on a cougar hunt

2. When they saw tracks, what did Lucas do?
Went on foot to look for it telling Mark to stay put

3. What did Mark do?
He moved to another area because it was shady

4. What happened then?
The huge cougar was in a tree above Mark

5. What did Lucas do then he saw the cougar?
Shot at it but missed

6. Why was Lucas so mad at Mark?
He disobeyed him and did not stay where Lucas told him to

7. Why was Lucas so mad at himself?
He missed and thought… “ when it comes to a real emergency where Mark could have always counted on me…now he can’t?

8. Who did Lucas consult with in town?
He saw the Gunsmith and the Doctor

9. What happened during the night with Mark?
He was having nightmares about the cougar getting him

10. What did Mark hear when he woke up?
Lucas target practicing and he hit all the targets

11. Who was in town to talk to Lou?
Ben Todd

12. Did she want to see him?

13. Lucas was also there. What did he do?
Told Ben to leave

14. What happened next?
Lucas threw him out of the hotel

15. What was Lou’s response?
That Lucas had been pretty rough with him

16. When Micah approached Lucas what did he say?
That he “wasn’t the man he knew yesterday”

17. Did Lucas agree and Why?
Lucas agreed and said it was probably about missing the cougar

18. What happened when Lucas went looking for the cougar again?
He met Ben on the trail

19. When Ben and Lucas were face to face, what did Ben think Lucas was doing?
Drawing on him

20. Actually what did Lucas do?
Shot the cougar that was about to pounce on Ben

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