The  Rifleman
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Conflict — episode

1. What were Lucas and Mark doing?

2. When they saw tracks, what did Lucas do?

3. What did Mark do?

4. What happened then?

5. What did Lucas do then he saw the cougar?

6. Why was Lucas so mad at Mark?

7. Why was Lucas so mad at himself?

8. Who did Lucas consult with in town?

9. What happened during the night with Mark?

10. What did Mark hear when he woke up?

11. Who was in town to talk to Lou?

12. Did she want to see him?

13. Lucas was also there. What did he do?

14. What happened next?

15. What was Lou’s response?

16. When Micah approached Lucas what did he say?

17. Did Lucas agree and Why?

18. What happened when Lucas went looking for the cougar again?

19. When Ben and Lucas were face to face, what did Ben think Lucas was doing?

20. Actually what did Lucas do?

Conflict — answers

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