The  Rifleman
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Incident at Line Shack Six — episode 156

1.  Who was John Gangling?
The Railroad boss

2.  What did Charlie Breen, one of his men, do after he was paid?
He went to hide his money nearby

3.  What happened to Charlie?
Someone saw him hiding his money and killed him

4.  Who did the majority of the people think killed Charlie?
An Indian, Johnny Wing

5.  Why did they think this?
He was seen around Charlie’s body

6.  How did Micah and Lucas get involved?
They heard about the trouble and Lucas also had to ask them how much beef they wanted so they rode to the camp

7.  What kind of order did John Gangling have out for Johnny Wing?
Shoot on sight

8.  What happened to Johnny Wing?
They caught him and were going to have their own trial and judgement

9.  What did Micah want to do?
When they caught John Wing to take him to North Fork for the trial

10. Lou was at the ranch preparing dinner and she needed some more eggs. What did Mark say?
I can always squeeze a hen or two if you want some more, Lou didn’t like what she was hearing. She turned and gave Mark one of her stern looks. “You can do what??”
“Why sure! It’s an old farmer’s trick. You just grab the hen by the legs, turn it upside down and-“ Mark stopped when he saw the look on her face and smiled.”

11. So….can you actually squeeze an egg out of a chicken?
I googled it and its not too clear. Some say a chicken can get an egg stuck and may need a squeeze for help. I don’t think by squeezing you can get more eggs then the chicken is already producing. One farm post said their little boy did it by doing the following. You decide:
1. Look for the chicken with the fattest belly and pick her up.
2. Squeeze chicken really hard and the egg will pop out.
3. If that doesn’t work throw the chicken in the air and she will get scared and “poop” and egg out.

12. When Mark went to the barn for the eggs who did he find?
Johnny Wing

13. What did Johnny Wing want?
A horse to get away

14. Who arrived after Lucas returned home?
John Gangling and his men

15. What did John say to Lucas?
That he was harboring a criminal

16. What did John throw at Lucas when he rode off?
Three coins to pay for the cattle

17. How did Lucas prove John Wing did not do it?
Lucas used the theory that men would put teeth marks in their coins and that the three coins Gangling tossed to Lucas had teeth marks in them

18. What was another deciding factor?
Lucas wanted to see the coins in Gangling’s safe to see if there were teeth marks in them as well

19. Who played John Gangling? What other episodes did he appear in?
How many episodes can you name that John Anderson appeared in?
11 timesDay of the HunterThe Retired GunShivareeThe HawkThe Patsy Mail Order GroomShotgun ManFace of YesterdayThe Journey BackIncident at Line Shack SixOld Man Running

20. Who played Johnny Wing? What other episode did he appear in?
Paul Mantee appeared in two episodes ― The Assault as Cade Conway, he was the boyfriend of Vashti Croxto ― Incident at Line Shack Six as John Wing, an Apache who was framed for murder

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