The  Rifleman
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Incident at Line Shack Six — episode

1.  Who was John Gangling?

2.  What did Charlie Breen, one of his men, do after he was paid?

3.  What happened to Charlie?

4.  Who did the majority of the people think killed Charlie?

5.  Why did they think this?

6.  How did Micah and Lucas get involved?

7.  What kind of order did John Gangling have out for Johnny Wing?

8.  What happened to Johnny Wing?

9.  What did Micah want to do?

10. Lou was at the ranch preparing dinner and she needed some more eggs. What did Mark say?

11. So….can you actually squeeze an egg out of a chicken?

12. When Mark went to the barn for the eggs who did he find?

13. What did Johnny Wing want?

14. Who arrived after Lucas returned home?

15. What did John say to Lucas?

16. What did John throw at Lucas when he rode off?

17. How did Lucas prove John Wing did not do it?

18. What was another deciding factor?

19. Who played John Gangling? What other episodes did he appear in?
How many episodes can you name that John Anderson appeared in?

20. Who played Johnny Wing? What other episode did he appear in?

Incident at Line Shack Six — answers

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