The  Rifleman
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Suspicion — episode 157

1. What did Lucas and Mark see on the trail riding home?
A drunken man sitting on a high boulder

2. Who was this person?
Winslow Quince

3. What is this mans profession?
Sign painting

4. What did Lucas notice about the mans wagon?
It had a broken wheel and also it was carrying some railroad rails

5. How was Lucas going to fix the wheel to get the wagon back to town?
Use a tree branch for a temporary wheel so it could drag behind the horse

6. What did Winslow use as barter to pay Lucas for his trouble when they got back to town?
A pocket watch which Lucas refused and some spurs for Mark

7. What did Winslow try to do with Nils?
Barter for two horses or for Nils to fix his wagon

8. What was Lucas and Micah talking about?
The latest wanted posters and recent crimes

9. What was interesting about some of these crimes?
The items that were stolen

10. What was some of these items?
A pocket watch and a mans boots

11. How far out of town were the railroad people working?
15 miles out of town

12. What did Winslow get from Nils?
A new wagon wheel and a horse

13. How much was Winslow supposed to pay Nils?

14. What did Winslow try to give Nils?
$20 and also the railroad rails

15. What was Mark pondering over to help solve the crime?
He was questioning the spurs. Since a pocket watch and a mans boots were stolen, cowboys usually also wear spurs

16. When Winslow was checking into the hotel, how did he pay Lou?
A man's pocket watch and a ladies pocket watch for one weeks stay

17. When Lucas went to the hotel what was Lou trying to get Lucas to notice?
Her hair

18. What did Lucas notice instead?
The ladies pocket watch she had pinned on her dress

19. How was Micah solving the crime?
He had all the items Winslow was paying people with on his desk. Each item represented a person that was killed

20. Who played Winslow Quince? What other episode did he appear in?
Kevin McCarthy played Mark Twain in The Shattered IdolSuspicion as Winslow Quince the eccentric man Lucas & Mark ran into who was stranded with a broken wheel

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