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Suspicion — episode

1. What did Lucas and Mark see on the trail riding home?

2. Who was this person?

3. What is this mans profession?

4. What did Lucas notice about the mans wagon?

5. How was Lucas going to fix the wheel to get the wagon back to town?

6. What did Winslow use as barter to pay Lucas for his trouble when they got back to town?

7. What did Winslow try to do with Nils?

8. What was Lucas and Micah talking about?

9. What was interesting about some of these crimes?

10. What was some of these items?

11. How far out of town were the railroad people working?

12. What did Winslow get from Nils?

13. How much was Winslow supposed to pay Nils?

14. What did Winslow try to give Nils?

15. What was Mark pondering over to help solve the crime?

16. When Winslow was checking into the hotel, how did he pay Lou?

17. When Lucas went to the hotel what was Lou trying to get Lucas to notice?

18. What did Lucas notice instead?

19. How was Micah solving the crime?

20. Who played Winslow Quince? What other episode did he appear in?

Suspicion — answers

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