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The Sidewinder — episode 158

1.  When Lucas and Mark were cutting wood on the North Ridge they needed water. Where did Mark go to get the water for their canteens?

2.  What did Mark find when he went in the house?

3.  Who was this young man?

4.  What did this boy want to do?

5.  Why did he want to kill Lucas?

6.  What were the circumstances Lucas killed his Pa?

7.  When Lucas rode to town Grid called him out in the street. What did Lucas do to try to discourage him?

8.  What did Grid do?

9.  What is now apparent?

10. Lucas would not have a fight with Grid. What did Grid to then?

11. When Mark would not have a gunfight with Grid, what did Grid do?

12. When Lucas returned what happened?

13. What did they do with Grid now?

14. What did Lou want to do?

15. After Grid was released to Lou what did she do?

16. What was Lou’s next order?

17. When he would not comply what did Lou do?

18. When Micah and Lucas went to the hotel what did they see?

19. What happened at dinner?

20. Who played Grid Maule? What other episodes did he appear in?

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