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The Sixteenth Cousin — episode 159

1. What is exciting about this day for Lucas and Mark?
They are on the first train to arrive in North Fork

2. Who did they meet on the train?
Soto and his master Hikaru Yamanaka.

3. Who were these people?
Two Japanese men

4. They admired Lucas rifle on the train. What did they show Mark?
A Sanurai Sword they were carrying in a box

5. Who bothered them in town?
Two town drunks, Gus and Vic

6. What did Soto go to get to drink for supper?
Rice wine, sake

7. What happened when Soto was returning with the rice wind?
Gus threw Soto down on a couch and took the rice wine and started drinking it

8. Hikaru Went to Soto’s defense. What did he do then?
Demanded satisfaction of Gus and Vic

9. Micah told Gus and Vic to get out of town. When they were leaving who did they see?
Hikaru and Soto in the street ready for a fight

10. Why did the men want to fight Gus and Vic?
To regain their honor

11. What did Lucas do after the fight?
Invited the men to the ranch

12. What did Soto do with Mark?
Played checkers and Soto won

13. What did Mark find out about Soto?
Soto was the Imperial Palace Checker Champion

14. What gift did they give Mark?
A Buddah pendant

15. Where was the pendant from?
Hikarui’s Father gave it to him when he was a little boy

16. What did the men admire about Marks relationship with Lucas?
The respect Mark had for Lucas and their warm relationship

17. Who played Hikaru?
John Fujioka/John Mamo as Hikaru Yamanaka .....Imperial Lord.....fifth warrior of the Samurai.....sixteenth cousin in the family of his Imperial Highness..... emperor Japan

18. Who played Soto?
Vito Scotti appeared in four ― Waste 1 & 2 as Alphonso, he was the leader of the bandits ― The Sixteenth Cousin as Soto the honorable servant of Hikaru Yamanaka.....Imperial Lord.....fifth warrior of the Samurai.....sixteenth cousin in the family of his Imperial Highness..... Emperor Japan ― Which Way'd They Go? as Marcello Chabini the owner of the bank in Paradise.

19. Who played Gus?
Charles Maxwell played Gus Torpin. He was the one who tripped Soto. He also was in Branded twice with Chuck, Seward's Folly ― The Bounty.

20.Who played Vic? What other episode did he appear in?
Paul Sorensen appeared in two episodes ― Seven as one of the prison guards, he's the one in the beginning of the episode that fed the prisoners ― The '7' Prisoners The Sixteenth Cousin as Vic Adler, he's the cowboy who asked if they (Soto and Hikaru Yamanaka) wanted to fight with guns or their hands tied behind their backs

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