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The Sheridan Story — episode 16

1.  What is Mark doing when the stranger comes to the ranch?

2.  Who is the stranger and what does he ask Mark to give him?

3.  What else does Mark offer the stranger?

4.  What does the stranger call Mark?

5.  What does the stranger have to eat at the McCain’s?

6.  What does he say Lucas can stop doing?

7.  What does he say about the bunk he is given?

8.  When did his wife die?

9.  Why doesn’t Mark want to help him plow?

10. What does Lucas tell Mark balances out the bad things in life?

11. Who is the officer Lucas recognizes and what does Lucas do?

12. When did Lucas serve under his command?

13. Which regiment did Lucas say he served in and what was his rank and when did he receive his Lieutenant bars??

14. What is the General singing while he showers?

15. How long does Lucas tell them it takes to get to North Fork?

16. What does Lucas stop Blandon from doing?

17. What does Mark start to recite for General Sheridan?

18. What unit did Blandon serve in?

19. What does Blandon tell Sheridan?

20. Why does Mark change his mind about Blandon?

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