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Hostage to Fortune — episode 160

1. What was Mark and his friends doing riding late at night?

2. What did Mr. Russell offer these boys?

3. Where were they going to go next?

4. What other episode is the Merar ranch mentioned?

5. Why did Micah stop by the ranch the net morning?

6. Although Lucas was very upset with Mark he asked to go out again that evening? What reason did he give?

7. What was Mark bargaining with Lucas for then?

8. Who rode up to the ranch then?

9. Where were they from?

10. What was Mr. Bullocks previous profession?

11. What did Mr. Bullock mention that Mark picked up on?

12. What happened to Percy on his way home from school?

13. Mark was coming by, what did he do?

14. How did Percy get home?

15. Mr. Bullock noticed they were tattered, how did they explain their look?

16. What impressed Mark in Percy’s house?

17. What book did the boys pull out they wanted Mr. bullock to read to them?

18. Who was really cattle rustling?

19. Who played Mr. Bullock?

20. Who played Percy?


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