The  Rifleman
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And the Devil Makes Five — episode 161

1. Where were Mark and Lucas returning from?
A three day fishing trip

2. What did they catch?
Some trout

3. Where did they decide to camp for the night?
They saw a campsite and rode up and it was Micah

4. What was Micah doing there?
He had been to Marietta and was binging a prisoner back to North Fork

5. Who was the prisoner?
Scully Potter

6. After supper Micah went to get the plate from Scully, what happened?
Scully hit Micah on the arm hard

7. Did Micah want Lucas to stay at the camp?
No, he thought it would be bad for Mark

8. Did Lucas and Mark ride on?
No, Lucas wanted to stay and help Micah since his arm was injured

9. What happened when they turned in for the night?
Lucas was dozing and Scully had gotten loose somehow but Lucas stopped him

10. What did Mark make for breakfast the nest morning?
Flapjacks and coffee

11. Why couldn’t Mark get Lucas up the next morning?
There was a rattlesnake in his bedroll

12. What did Micah try to do to dislodge the snake?
Made a pipe pout of red and tried to smoke the snake out

13. If Micah got the snake to come out, what did he ask Mark ?
If his aim was good and to shoot the snake with Lucas rifle

14. Was this plan successful?

15. What did Scully offer to do?
He bragged he could get the snake out in return for the maw to be lenient with him

16. What did Scully do?
Grabbed the blanket with the snake and threw the snake at Micah

17. What did Scully do next?
Grabbed the rifle out of Marks hands

18. Did Scully die of snake bite?
No, Micah shot him

19. What other episodes mention or we see snakes?
Home RanchEight Hours to DieThe DebtThe Hawk

20. Who played Scully? What other episode did he appear in?
Lonny Chapman appeared in two episodes ― The Long Trek as Stanley, the prisoner Micah was transporting to Santa Fe ― And the Devil Makes Five as Scully Potter, Michael was taking him back to North Fork to stand trial before the circuit judge, he shot and killed Ted Bennett, the sheriff of Marietta

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