The  Rifleman
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End of the Hunt — episode 162

1. Where was Mark at 4 o’clock in the morning?
At the table cleaning his rifle

2. Why did Mark tease Lucas for being tired?
He had gone to a barn dance and got in late

3. What was Mark planning to do?
Go hunting with his 22 rifle

4. What was he after specifically?
Old Spike , an eight point buck

5. What did Mark say about the buck?
That Old Spike had been insulting Mark for four years

6. Mark had been tracking Old Spike the year before but what happened?
Old Spike turned around and chased Mark up a tree

7. What news did Micah have for Lucas when he went to town?
That Reef Jackson was in town

8. Why did Lucas hate Reef?
Reef shot Lucas in the back and tried to steal Margaret

9. What other men were in love with Margaret?
Tom Birch and Lariat Jones

10. What did Lucas vow?
To kill Reef

11. How did Micah try to prevent Lucas from going after Reef?
Locked him in jail for his own protection

12. How did Lucas get of of jail?
Lou came and did not know why Micah locked him up and she let him out

13. Where did Lucas go to look for Reef?
At Granny Mede’s, Reef is her nephew

14. How did Lucas know Granny?
From when they lived in The Nations

15. Was Reef there?
Not the first time

16. Why did Lucas return to Granny’s?
She sent word to Lucas that Reef was there

17. What happened when Lucas confronted Reef?
Reef was pitiful and Lucas could not kill him

18. What happened when Mark had Old Spike in his sights?
Mark could not shoot Old Spike either

19. Who played Reef Jackson?
Jeff Morrow played Reef Jackson.  He was the man that Lucas wanted revenge on for shooting him in the back, leaving him to die and tried to steal his wife, Margaret
20. Who played Granny? What other episodes did she appear in?
K.T. Stevens was in five episodes ― Heller as Muriel Bechtol, she was married to that evil Andrew Bechtol ― The Fourflusher as Molly Fenway, she was married to a sharecropper who entered his colt in the horse race ― Face of Yesterday as Nancy Clay was the wife of the man he killed in the Civil War ― Honest Abe as Emma Lincoln, the sister to Able Lincoln who claims that he's the Great Emancipator ― Molly Fenway in End of the Hunt as Granny Mede, Reef Jackson was her nephew, Lucas knew them from when he lived in the Nations

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