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End of the Hunt — episode 162

1. Where was Mark at 4 o’clock in the morning?

2. Why did Mark tease Lucas for being tired?

3. What was Mark planning to do?

4. What was he after specifically?

5. What did Mark say about the buck?

6. Mark had been tracking Old Spike the year before but what happened?

7. What news did Micah have for Lucas when he went to town?

8. Why did Lucas hate Reef?

9. What other men were in love with Margaret?

10. What did Lucas vow?

11. How did Micah try to prevent Lucas from going after Reef?

12. How did Lucas get of of jail?

13. Where did Lucas go to look for Reef?

14. How did Lucas know Granny?

15. Was Reef there?

16. Why did Lucas return to Granny’s?

17. What happened when Lucas confronted Reef?

18. What happened when Mark had Old Spike in his sights?

19. Who played Reef Jackson?
20. Who played Granny? What other episodes did she appear in?

End of the Hunt — answers

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