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The Bullet — episode

1.  What kind of ‘rough justice’ does Griff use?
He buried a man up to his neck and rode past him nearly hitting him

2.  Why were they torturing this man?
Over gambling debt

3.  What did Lucas say when he rode upon this scene?
That he didn’t like it and to dig the man up

4.  Lucas took Griff to Los Cruces to the Marshal. What happened?
The Marshal would not lock Griff up because there was no eye witnesses

5.  Why was Lucas riding to Los Cruces anyway?
One of the members of the Cattlemen’s Assn. was missing and he was trying to get any information

6.  What did the Marshall tell Lucas?
That the man he was looking for had been killed

7.  How was the Marshall trying to prove who shot Lucas friend?
He dug the bullet out of the dead man and was going to use ‘ballistics’

8.  How could he do this?
He shot bullets from several guns into a bale of hay to compare the striations of the bullets.

9.  Who got the bales of hay for the Marshal?
His Deputy Ben

10. Who did the Marshall suspect might be the killer?

11. Who was it hard to pin Griff down?
He ran the town

12. When the Marshall got Griff's gun and shot it, did it match the bullet that killed Mr. Elliott?

13. Why did it not match?
Griff's gun had been switched

14. When did the science of ballistics start?
1891 by Calvin Goddard so the time frame would be off for this episode

15. What happened when they tested Griff's second gun?
It matched

16. When the Marshal tried to convince Judge Hopkins what was the Judges reply?
He did not believe in ballistics

17. What new science was the Marshal pursuing now?

18. What did the Marshal compare them to?

19. Who played Griff? What other episodes did he appear in?
Richard Anderson appeared in six episodes ― One Went to Denver as Tom Birch an old friend of Lucas' ― Lariat as Lariat Jones, an old friend of Lucas', he too was in love with Margaret ― Miss Bertie as Duke Jennings, the cowboy that Miss Bertie had a wanted poster on ― Flowers by the Door as Jason Gowdy, the lady killer ― Millie's Brother as Harry Chase, the man who claimed he was with Millie's Brother when he died ― The Bullet as Griff, the owner of The Lucky Chance Casino in Los Cruces

20. Who played the Marshal? What other episodes did he appear in?
Harold J. Stone appeared in three episodes ― Home Ranch as Oat Jackford he was the wealthy cattle baron, who had been using the Dunlap Ranch for grazing his cattle, and demanded that Lucas move out ― Trail of Hate as Ben Stark, the older brother and brains of the gang who used Mark as a pawn in a bank robbery scheme ― The Bullet as the Marshal who tried to use ballistics to hold a gambler for attempted murder

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