The  Rifleman
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The Bullet — episode

1.  What kind of ‘rough justice’ does Griff use?

2.  Why were they torturing this man?

3.  What did Lucas say when he rode upon this scene?

4.  Lucas took Griff to Los Cruces to the Marshal. What happened?

5.  Why was Lucas riding to Los Cruces anyway?

6.  What did the Marshall tell Lucas?

7.  How was the Marshall trying to prove who shot Lucas friend?

8.  How could he do this?

9.  Who got the bales of hay for the Marshal?

10. Who did the Marshall suspect might be the killer?

11. Who was it hard to pin Griff down?

12. When the Marshall got Griff's gun and shot it, did it match the bullet that killed Mr. Elliott?

13. Why did it not match?

14. When did the science of ballistics start?

15. What happened when they tested Griff's second gun?

16. When the Marshal tried to convince Judge Hopkins what was the Judges reply?

17. What new science was the Marshal pursuing now?

18. What did the Marshal compare them to?

19. Who played Griff? What other episodes did he appear in?

20. Who played the Marshal? What other episodes did he appear in?

The Bullet — answers

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