The  Rifleman
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Requiem at Mission Springs — episode 164

1. What was missing when Lou and Lucas were riding?
Lou’s hat and her hair was blowing in the wind

2. Who came to the rescue with the hat?

3. What happened as he was approaching them?
Blue Boy stumbled and the cinch on the saddle broke sending Mark to the ground

4. What was wrong with Mark?
He could not stand, he could not feel his legs

5. Where did Lucas go first?
Back to the ranch for a buckboard to take Mark home

6. Where did Lucas go next?
To town for Doc Burrage

7. What did Doc Burrage say about Marks condition?
He thought it was a nerve spasm causing paralysis

8. What treatment did Doc Burrage recommend?
Mineral baths sometimes help

9. Where was Lucas going to take Mark?
To Mission Springs, there are mineral baths there

10. Was Lucas and Mark going alone?
No, Lou was going with them

11. When they camped for the night what happened?
Lucas saw some convicts riding in their direction

12. What did they have to do?
Leave the camp and hide out nearby

13. What is Marks condition?
He still cannot move his legs and he was very cold

14. What was the weather condition?
It was cold and they could not make a fire as the convicts would see the fire

15. How did the convicts know someone was close by?
They found Lucas camp fire

16. Why did they want to find Lucas?
They needed food and they thought they would have some

17. What did Lucas plead with Lou?
To take Mark away so he had a chance of life

18. Did the mineral baths work?
Finally, yes

19. Who was one of the convicts?
George Lindsey played Dove, he was the one who was gonna get him a Mexican girl, one that fights.

20. What other show was George Lindsey known for?
Goober on The Andy Griffith Show

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