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The Guest — episode

1. Why did Ralph Hayden hate Lucas?
Lucas shot him and now he is in a wheelchair

2. What did Ralph have in his house to remind him of his hate of Lucas?
A portrait on the wall of Lucas

3. What did he hire someone to do?
Kill Lucas

4. Who did Ralph hire?
Mario Rosati

5. When did Mario first approach the McCain ranch?
He watched for Lucas and Mark to leave the ranch and he went to the house

6. What did Lucas do when he returned?
Found Mario in the house

7. What was Mario’s excuse for being there?
He said he was from Enid OK and was a friend of Johnny Morgan an old friend of Lucas

8. What was Mario's intention?
To make friends with Lucas and find the chance to kill him

9. How was Mario going to do it?
Strangle Lucas in his sleep

10. Why was Mario so angry at the world?
He explained to Mark that some men had killed his Father and he vowed to avenge his murder

11. What happened after Mark left for school?
Mario told Lucas he was leaving

12. Lucas asked Mario to stay until Mark returned from school.. What did Mario say?
“It’s best that I never see him again. Best for me and him.”

13. What did Mario do then?
Pulled a derringer on Lucas

14. Why did Mario tell Lucas he had to kill him?
Ralph Hayden had hired him

15. How did Lucas overpower Mario?
Mark had returned to the ranch and tossed Lucas his rifle

16. Why didn’t Mario shoot Lucas since he already had the derringer pointed at him?
Lucas told Mark maybe he wanted to die

17. Why would Mario want to die?
Mario may have realized he had nothing to live for and this was a way he could go home for good

18. Who played Mario?
Cesare Danova (pronounced Chez-a-ray Da-NO-va)

19.What other episodes was Cesare Danova in?
He played Count Alfredo Di Marcosini Montova in Duel of Honor, he was the foreigner who is singled out by Groder for his different dress and ways ― Baranca as Baranca, he is the one who came to North Fork to administer his own law, Baranca's law ― The Guest as Mario Rosati, the man who was hired to kill Lucas.

20. Who played Ralph Hayden?
Walter Sande played Ralph Hayden, the one who hired Mario to kill Lucas

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