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The Guest — episode

1. Why did Ralph Hayden hate Lucas?

2. What did Ralph have in his house to remind him of his hate of Lucas?

3. What did he hire someone to do?

4. Who did Ralph hire?

5. When did Mario first approach the McCain ranch?

6. What did Lucas do when he returned?

7. What was Mario’s excuse for being there?

8. What was Mario's intention?

9. How was Mario going to do it?

10. Why was Mario so angry at the world?

11. What happened after Mark left for school?

12. Lucas asked Mario to stay until Mark returned from school.. What did Mario say?

13. What did Mario do then?

14. Why did Mario tell Lucas he had to kill him?

15. How did Lucas overpower Mario?

16. Why didn’t Mario shoot Lucas since he already had the derringer pointed at him?

17. Why would Mario want to die?

18. Who played Mario?

19.What other episodes was Cesare in?

20. Who played Ralph Hayden?

The Guest — answers

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