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Old Man Running — episode 166

1. Mark saw someone coming to the ranch. Who was it>
Sam Gibbs

2. Who is Sam Gibbs?
Margaret’s Father

3. What did Lucas say when he greeted him?
Not to get off his horse and to leave

4. What was Samuel concerned about?
The Sherman Brother were after him

5. Did Mark get a good look at Sam Gibbs?
No. Lucas had made Mark go in the house.

6. Who did Sam go to see when he rode into North Fork?
He stopped to see Micah and ask for protection

7. What did Sam want Micah to witness?
His will

8. When Lucas and Mark rode to town how did they run across Sams name again?
He had checked into the hotel

9. What did Mark realize when he read the hotel register?
That Sam Gibbs had checked in and this was his Grandfather

10. Did Lucas and Mark want to see Sam in town?

11. What did Lucas tell Mark why he did not like Sam Gibbs?
Lucas felt Sam was responsible for Margaret’s death

12. How could Sam have been responsible?
Margaret was very ill and she needed medicine and Lucas asked Sam to ride and get the medicine

13. What did Sam do?
He took the money and spent it on alcohol and did not return

14. When Sam returned what did he find?
Margaret had died and Lucas had taken Mark and left

15. What did Mark ask Sam to do?
Mark went to see Sam and asked him to leave town

16. Why did Mark want Sam to leave town?
Before someone got hurt by the Sherman Brothers

17. What did Sam agree to?
Sam said he would leave town

18. What did Mark do before Sam left town?
He forgave him and called him Grandpa

19. Who played Sam Gibbs?
John Anderson appeared in eleven episodes ― Shotgun Man as John Beaumont, he was the man that wanted revenge on Lucas for sending him to jail ― Shivaree as Chet Packard, he was the one who Derek shot in the leg ― The Hawk as Ely Flack, he was the man who was looking for Walt Hake/Reed Young ― The Journey Back as Will Temple, he was the man who had the scare on his face ― Day of the Hunter as Cass Callicott, the famous frontiersman, trapper, scout, buffalo hunter, one of the old original mountain men ― Mail Order Groom as Jess Profit, he was who slapped Isabel across the face ― The Retired Gun as Owny, he was the one who threw the coin on the ground ― Face of Yesterday as Hank Clay, the mean step-father ― Incident at Line Shack Six as Gangling, he was the one who killed Charley Breen ― The Patsy as Sully Hobbs ― Old Man Running aka The Wanted Man as Samuel Gibbs, Mark's Grandpa, Lucas' father-in-law.

20. Since John Anderson played Lucas Father in Law, who is younger in real life, Chuck Connors or John Anderson?
Chuck is actually a year and a half older than John

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