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Old Man Running — episode 166

1. Mark saw someone coming to the ranch. Who was it>

2. Who is Sam Gibbs?

3. What did Lucas say when he greeted him?

4. What was Samuel concerned about?

5. Did Mark get a good look at Sam Gibbs?

6. Who did Sam go to see when he rode into North Fork?

7. What did Sam want Micah to witness?

8. When Lucas and Mark rode to town how did they run across Sams name again?

9. What did Mark realize when he read the hotel register?

10. Did Lucas and Mark want to see Sam in town?

11. What did Lucas tell Mark why he did not like Sam Gibbs?

12. How could Sam have been responsible?

13. What did Sam do?

14. When Sam returned what did he find?

15. What did Mark ask Sam to do?

16. Why did Mark want Sam to leave town?

17. What did Sam agree to?

18. What did Mark do before Sam left town?

19. Who played Sam Gibbs?

20. Since John Anderson played Lucas Father in Law, who is younger in real life, Chuck Connors or John Anderson?

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