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Which Way'd They Go? — episode

1. Why did Lucas and Mark ride to the Jackman place?

2. Why were they leaving

3. What was Neb Jackman and Haslam having a discussion about?

4. Where did they go when they left?

5. How were they going to make any money?

6. Why did the town need a Sheriff?

7. Did the Jackman family have any experience with being Sheriffs or Deputys?

8. What did they notice when they went to pin the badges on them?

9. Where was Lucas planning to go?

10. Why was Lucas going?

11. What was in the note Micah gave to Mark for Lucas?

12. What happened to Lucas on the way to Paradise?

13. How did Lucas get to Paradise after all?

14. What was Lucas surprise in Paradise?

15. What happened when the bank manager spotted the gang in the saloon?

16. What was Haslams bright idea about stopping the gang from leaving town?

17. What happened as Haslam was going after their horses?

18. What did Stack drop when he collides with Haslam?

19. Who played Neb Jackman?

20. Who played Haslam?

Which Way'd They Go? — answers

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