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Old Tony — episode 168

1. What were Mark and Lorrie doing?
Riding around looking for arrowheads

2. What property did they come across?
Everyone called the man Old Tony

3. What did Old Tony do?
He put a fence up across the trail

4. Who did they see at the fence?

5. What did Joe do?
Cut the fence

6. What did Tony do when he came out?
Shot a warning shot at Joe

7. What did Tony do with Mark and Lorrie?
Invited them to water their horses and stay for dinner

8. What did Tony have that intrigued Mark?
A guitar

9. What was Mark allowed to do?
Look at the guitar and play it

10. What song did Mark play and sing?

11. What other episode did Mark sing?
A Young Mans Fancy

12. Where were Mark and Lorie going when they left Tonys?
To look for more arrowheads

13. When they stopped by the tree to rest what did they talk about?
Lorrie wanted to talk about life and marriage

14. Where did Lorrie go then?
She went off on her own to look for arrowheads

15. What happened to Lorrie?
She got stuck in some quicksand

16. What happened to Mark as he tried to help her?
He got pulled in the quicksand also

17. How did Lucas know to look for Mark and Lorrie?
Joe came to town to complain to Micah about Old Tony and he said he had seen Mark with Lorrie at Tonys

18. Who went to look for Mark and Lorrie?
Lucas and Micah

19. How did they get out of the quicksand?
Lucas pulled both of them out

20. Did Johnny Crawford actually have a recording career?
He started recording in 1961 at age 15 and was a teen idol. He recorded for Del-Fi Records through 1968

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