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Old Tony — episode 168

1. What were Mark and Lorrie doing?

2. What property did they come across?

3. What did Old Tony do?

4. Who did they see at the fence?

5. What did Joe do?

6. What did Tony do when he came out?

7. What did Tony do with Mark and Lorrie?

8. What did Tony have that intrigued Mark?

9. What was Mark allowed to do?

10. What song did Mark play and sing?

11. What other episode did Mark sing?

12. Where were Mark and Lorie going when they left Tonys?

13. When they stopped by the tree to rest what did they talk about?

14. Where did Lorrie go then?

15. What happened to Lorrie?

16. What happened to Mark as he tried to help her?

17. How did Lucas know to look for Mark and Lorrie?

18. Who went to look for Mark and Lorrie?

19. How did they get out of the quicksand?

20. Did Johnny Crawford actually have a recording career?

Old Tony — answers

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