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The Retired Gun — episode 17

1.  What is the name of the retired gun?

2. What is the Retired Gun’s wife’s name and how did she know Lucas?

3.  What does Lucas make for Mark and what did he make it out of?

4.  What does Mark offer to do?

5.  What is Clare’s profession?

6.  What job did Wes turn down?

7.  What did Clare & Wes decide to do?

8.  What is the price of the store?

9.  What famous baseball player was one of the gunfighters?

10. What does Micah fear North Fork is becoming?

11. What did the Bailey Brothers do to Wes?

12.Who told Clare, Wes was run out of town?

13. What does Micah say they are trying to do?

14. When confronting the Bailey Gang in the street, who does Micah tell Lucas is his?

15. Who does Micah tell Wes is his?

16. Where was Wes shot?

17. What does Clare tell them Wes is going to do?

18. Amanda Ames/Eileen Harley was the wife of Rifleman Producer, Arnold Laven. She appeared in five episodes of The Rifleman, can you name the episodes?

19. How many people came to North Fork/McCain Ranch with their past profession of being a teacher? Can you name them?

20. What other episode did someone tell Lucas that Mark favored/resembles Margaret?

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