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The Photographer — episode 18

1.  Who played the photographer and what was the photographers name?

2.  How many times had the photographer taken pictures of the M Cains?

3.  What was the first picture he took?

4.  What does he pull from his wagon?

5.  Who does he see across the street?

6.  How long was Abel Goss in a prison camp during the war?

7.  What is Whiteside afraid of?

8.  What room is Whiteside staying in?

9.  How much does it cost for a picture?

10. What instructions does Abel give to Mark?

11. How many empty shells are in Abel’s gun?

12. Why is there more than one empty shell?

13. What does Micah discover?

14. What does Abel tell Lucas about Mark?

15. What instructions does the Judge give everyone in the courtroom?

16. What hangs on the wall behind the judge?

17. Whose portrait is hanging in the court?

18. How much did Whiteside pay for the Big Spring Ranch?

19. What does Lucas want to do in the “cause of justice”?

20. Carradine also appeared with Chuck Connors in Branded, how was he related to Jason?

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