The Rifleman
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The Shivaree — episode 19

1.  Why does Lucas stop the group of riders?
A man is being whipped

2.  The gang finds out that the two people they picked up are not what they seem. Who discovered the deception and what was the actress’s name?
Ma Wilson played by Olive Carey

3.  What are the names of the two young people?
Derek Hanaway & Lisabeth Bishop

4.  What is used for a wedding band?
A cigar band

5.  What does the mob want to do?
Have a Texas style Shivaree

6.  Why did he force the wedding?
It was personal - Pelzer’s daughter ran away to get married, but didn’t get married

7.  What does Mark tell his Pa?
He wouldn’t mind bunking with him, even if he snores

8.  Where were the couple heading and why?
Yuma, Derek's Father is a Minister

9.  What does the bride wear at the McCains?
Margaret’s wedding dress

10. How does Lucas explain a Shivaree to Mark?
A practical joke to keep newly married folks up

11. What’s hanging over the fireplace?
A rifle and cattle horns

12. What does Derek tell Lucas?
He’ll sleep in the barn

13. What happens to the couple?
Kidnapped from the back of the house and taken to North Fork

14. Who grabbed Lisabeth?
Chet took Lisabeth to the saloon

15. What is atop the cash register in the saloon?
A stuffed bear

16. What does Derek do?
Shoots Chet in the legs with Micah’s gun

17. After the riot in the saloon the old Wagon Master, Aaron Pelser walked up to Derek, what did he say to him?
“Maybe the Lord will forgive me, but I know you never will”

18.William Bryant appeared in Branded eight times with Chuck. Always as the same character. Who was this character?
President Ulysses S. Grant

19. Olive Carey was the mother of one of the character actors that also appeared on The Rifleman twice as a Lieutenant, who is he?
Harry Carey Jr. and he was in “The Journey Back’ and “The Deserter”

20. How many episodes can you name that we see either a checker game or a chess game being played or mentioned?
  3.  End of a Young Gun ― Mark & Will played checkers after supper
19.  Shivaree ― Lucas & Mark played checkers
25.  One Went to Denver ― Micah and Eban Tate sat in the hotel lobby engrossed in a checker game
34.  A Matter of Faith ― Mark asked Mr. Jonas if he liked to play checkers after supper
59.  The Hero ― Micah and Lucas were in his office playing chess
78.  Woman from Hog Ridge ― Lucas was playing a checker game with Micah
93.  The Long Trek – Micah - “Every time I open my mouth I feel lost. Like I was playing checkers blind folded.”
99.  The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town - Mr. Newman mentions checkers several times
113. Sheer Terror ― “Besides, we have fun playing checkers and reading," said Milly
115. The Journey Back ― Temple & Mark played checkers after supper
140. Millie's Brother ― Lucas & Micah play checkers
146. Quiet Night, Deadly Night ― Mark & Nils play checkers at the Blacksmith’s
147. Death Never Rides Alone ― Micah and Lucas were playing checkers in Micah’s office
154. The Anvil Chorus ― Pratt stood up and told Benson that Nils was about to lose his third game of checkers.
158. The Sixteenth Cousin ― Mark was impressed; he told Soto that he was the best checker player ever

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