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The Shivaree — episode 19

1.  Why does Lucas stop the group of riders?

2.  The gang finds out that the two people they picked up are not what they seem. Who discovered the deception and what was the actress’s name?

3.  What are the names of the two young people?

4.  What is used for a wedding band?

5.  What does the mob want to do?

6.  Why did he force the wedding?

7.  What does Mark tell his Pa?

8.  Where were the couple heading and why?

9.  What does the bride wear at the McCains?

10. How does Lucas explain a Shivaree to Mark?

11. What’s hanging over the fireplace?

12. What does Derek tell Lucas?

13. What happens to the couple?

14. Who grabbed Lisabeth?

15. What is atop the cash register in the saloon?

16. What does Derek do?

17. After the riot in the saloon the old Wagon Master, Aaron Pelser walked up to Derek, what did he say to him?

18.William Bryant appeared in Branded eight times with Chuck. Always as the same character. Who was this character?

19. Olive Carey was the mother of one of the character actors that also appeared on The Rifleman twice as a Lieutenant, who is he?

20. How many episodes can you name that we see either a checker game or a chess game being played or mentioned?

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