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Home Ranch episode 2

1.  How old was Mark when the McCain's moved to North Fork?
10 years old

2.  What three things did Lucas mention as examples when he told Jackford he could never buy the McCain Ranch?
Money, marbles or chalk

3.  What names did Jackford's men call Lucas?
Nester & Pilgrim

4.  In The Wyoming Story the plague on the house read "This house rebuilt by Lucas McCain & his son Mark Aug. 1881 May God Bless Our Home." In Home Ranch, who was sent to helped rebuild the McCain Ranch?
Three of Jackford's men Billy Lehigh, Sam Montgomery & Clyde

5.  Why was the Dunlap Ranch for sale?
Old Man Dunlap passed away back each and his heirs were anxious to sell

6. What was the name of Jackford's outfit?
San Saba Cattle Corporation

7.  What was the working arrangement between Jackford and Old Man Dunlap?
Jackford had an arrangement with Old Man Dunlap to use his land as grazing land

8.  When Lucas asked where he could find Oat Jackford, what did Sam Montgomery tell him?
Jackford was at his camp in Grizzly Meadows

9.  Mark was upset and discouraged, he felt that the Lord was dead set against them getting 'their' ranch, what did Lucas do to restore his faith in the Lord?
Lucas told Mark a story from the Bible about Job's trouble with the devil and how the Lord had blessed him for not losing his faith in him in times of trouble

10. As the sunset & Mark bedded down for the night, what were the things he imagined he saw?
A cougar and a rattlesnake

11. When Pablo came back to the camp to have someone to relieve him, where was Billy & Sam?
They were in their bedrolls with their hands tied and their mouths gagged

12. When Jackford went for his gun, Lucas shot at him. What did Lucas say to him at that point?
"Old Man.....if you weren't so slow you'd be wearing a broken wrist"

13. When Lucas got the better of Jackford & Jackford reached for Lucas to help him up, what did Jackford have in his hand?
A rock

14. What did Mark have ready for his "Pa" when he got back?
A fresh pot of coffee

15. At the end of the episode what does Lucas give Mark?
Lucas gives Mark a piggyback ride. He holds the rifle behind him, parallel to the ground so that Mark can sit on it. Love it!

16. Steve Rowland played Billy Lehigh in this episode of Home Ranch he also appeared in another episode of The Rifleman with the same initials for his name what was the name of the episode & the name of his character?
The Coward was the episode & his characters name was Buddy Link

17. Harold J. Stone played Oat Jackford in this episode of Home Ranch. Although Harold J. Stone was in two other episodes, he only played Oat Jackford in this episode. Oat Jackford was later played buy another actor. Can you name the actor and the episode?
Bert Freed / The Money Gun

18. In reality, The Dunlap Ranch is named after who's family ranch?
Sam Peckinpah's family ranch was The Dunlap Ranch

19. How many episodes was there a rattlesnake in or an imaginary one? Can you name them?
Nine episodes Home Ranch Eight Hours to Die The Hawk Day of the Hunter Knight Errant Suspicion And The Devil Makes Five Ordeal The Photographer

20. Besides this episode, what other episode do we hear money, marbles or chalk mentioned?
The Horse Traders

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