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The Deadeye Kid — episode 20

1.  What does the Dead-Eye Kid try to do?

2.  How does his ride end?

3.  Lucas & Mark were racing their horses, what head start did Lucas give Mark?

4.  What is be the next head start Lucas gives him?

5.  What is the Kid’s name?

6.  Donnel & Mark are clowning around with Donnel's stuff. Mark puts on Donnel's hat, what does he tell Mark he looks like?

7.  What impresses Mark about New York City?

8.  What three items does the Kid pull from his carpetbag?

9.  What is special about the dice?

10. What does Lucas suggest to the Kid?

11. What is the name of the freight company?

12. How does the driver tell the Kid he can pay for the ride?

13. What causes the argument between the partners?

14. What happens to Cramer?

15. Who finds the Kid in the woods?

16. How does Mark erase their tracks?

17. Who offers a reward to find the Kid and what is the reward?

18. What Indian tricks does Mark know?

19. Where was Mahoney hiding?

20. Who offers to give Mahoney a job?

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