The Rifleman
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Indian — episode 21

1.  What is Mark’s first line?

2.  What does Mark want to watch?
Any scalping that might happen

3.  What does Lucas suggest the government should do?
Try to civilize Mark, and the Indians

4.  What is the Indian’s name?
Sam Buckhart

5.  Where did he learn to speak English so well?
Harvard College

6.  What does Mark say after the Indians leave?
An Indian Marshal, what’s this world coming to?

7.  Who is Sam talking to in the Last Chance Sloon?

8.  What is the crime they are trying to solve?
A Quaker couple named McClouds were burned to death in their home

9.  What does Sam ask to drink?
Indian herb tea

10. Who knows where the Indians are camped and where?
Slade, they are in Green Canyon

11. What does Lucas tell Sam?
You must fancy yourself a poker player

12. How does Sam point?
With his chin, like an Indian

13. How old was Sam when he joined the war against the whites?

14. What happened to him?
He saved a wounded Captain who later gave him money to go to Harvard

15. Who tells the town that Sam is an Indian?
Mark, accidentally lets it slip

16. Why wasn’t the Chief’s son responsible for the crime?
He was in mourning for his wife's father and to make any fire was forbidden to him

17. Who did he see commit the crime?
The drunkard, Slade

18. What does Sam send Lucas and Mark?
A book about Harvard and a peace pipe

19. Michael Ansara appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman as Sam Buckhart, Deputy United States Marshal, The Indian and The Raid. These two episodes were a spin off for what TV Western?
Law of the Plainsman He was also  was in Branded / Bounty with Chuck

20. Eddie Little Sky appeared as the Indian that Sam had in custody. Besides The Rifleman he also appeared with Chuck in another TV Series/Western, can you name that series?
Branded in One Way Out He also appeared with Chuck in the movies Tomahawk Trail and Big Foot Wallace


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