The Rifleman
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Boarding House — episode 22

1.  Why aren’t the gamblers wanted?

2.  What is the barber doing when Julia greets him?

3.  What does she say is for supper on Sunday?

4.  Who is with John Hamilton?

5.  What does Lucas call Julia?

6.  How does Lucas know Julia and what was she doing?

7.  What sign is behind Lucas while he speaks to Julia?

8.  How does Julia respond to Lucas’ telling her to leave town?

9.  What does she admit?

10. What does Micah hand Lucas?

11. What favor does Mark want to do for Julia?

12. What does Mark not like about this dinner?

13. What are the names of the four gamblers?

14. What does Mark tell Agnes and say her name would be at the ranch?

15. How did Mark learn not to waste food?

16. What happens when Mark tells Agnes she is old?

17. When Liz & Flo get on the stage to Santa Fe, who is already on the stage?

18. What weapon does Lucas use against Sid?

19. What does Mark think the ladies should do?

20. Sarah Selby played Agnes Hamilton, John's sister. She played Ma Smalley on another great TV Western, can you name that western?

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