The Rifleman
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The Second Witness
— episode 23

1.  Where are the deputies taking the first witness?

2.  What does Mark think they should give Blue Boy?

3.  Who was the witness to testify against?

4.  Where was Lucas last month and where did he see the suspect?

5.  Who does Mark tell about Lucas?

6.  What advice does Doc Burrage give Mark?

7.  What does Doc tell Lucas?

8. What does Mark trade with Freddy at lunch?

9.  What does Hattie tell Lucas she never had and what is her cats name?

10.  What does she say never tucked a boy into bed?

11. Why does Lucas think Mark is crying in the barn?

12. What does Mark ask Lucas?

13. Why doesn’t Mark want him to go?

14. What advice does Lucas give Mark about Brad?
15. What kind of special rifle did Brad have?

16. What does Lucas hit Brad with in the barn?

17. What do Micah and Mark plan on doing in the morning?

18. What does Lucas remind Mark not to forget to do?

19. Michael Pate appeared as Brad Davis in this episode. He has appeared in 5
episodes, can you name the other four episodes he was in?

20. Bobby Crawford Jr., older brother of Johnny Crawford was in this episode of The Rifleman as Freddy Toomey. What other episodes was Bobby in?

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