The Rifleman
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The Trade
— episode 24

1.  What is the name of the bounty hunter after Sam Morley?

2.  What does Lucas pay for Mark’s education?

3.  What is Lucas doing?

4.  What is Mark practicing on his way out the door?

5.  Why is Lucas surprised to see Sam Morley ride up to the ranch?

6.  What does he ask Lucas to do?

7.  What’s on the top shelf of the cabinet?

8.  What amount of money does he need and why?

9.  What is Mark doing when Doc Burrage calls him?

10. What room is Doc Burrage in?

11. What does Doc tell Beth to do?

12. What does Lucas say to Ferris?

13. What does Lucas ask Micah to do?

14. Whose portrait is on the wall in Sam’s room?

15. Where does Mark tell Beth she can get a stage north?

16. What does Beth ask Mark to do?

17. What is the name of the stage company?

18. Where does Sam tell Beth they will meet in one year?

19. Chris Alcaide played Hamp Ferris in this episode of The Trade. How many times did he appear on the show? Can you name the episodes?

20. What is the name of the one episode Edgar Buchanan was in, not as Doc Burrage?

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