The Rifleman
Trivia page Answers
One Went to Denver
— episode 25

1.  What name is on the safe in the bank and where was it made?
Reliance Safe Co. Philadelphia Pennsylvania

2.  What time does the bank open?
8:30 a.m.

3.  Why does Tom leave the campsite?
To take a gift to his friend’s kid

4.  What is Lucas doing while Mark is reading?
Churning ice cream

5.  What book is Mark reading and what does he decide to plant?
The Almanac and to plant beans or corn

6.  Why is Lucas surprised to see Tom?
He thought Tom was in Texas

7.  What does Tom ask Lucas and what is his response?
Where’s Margaret asked Tom. Lucas replied it’s been four years, we’re over it

8.  What do Mark, Lucas and Tom eat?
A quart of vanilla ice cream each

9.  What name does the gang member sign in the hotel register?
John Smith

10. What is the name of the Indian Chief in Tom’s story?
Lion Killer

11. What does Tom challenge Lucas to do and how does Tom win?
Arm wrestle and he tickles Lucas

12. What concerns Mark?
Lucas is letting Tom Birch stay at their ranch

13. Where does Tom tell Lucas he is going in the morning?
East to Denver

14. What does Mark see at dawn?
Tom ride out towards North Fork not to the direction of Denver

15. What is the bank teller’s name?

16. What diversion is used by the bank robbers?
Sammy sets a fire in the hotel

17. What does Tom ask Sweeny for?
Scrambled eggs

18. How does Lucas stop Tom after he leaves the saloon?
Throws his rifle at his back

19. What is Mark doing when Lucas returns to the ranch?
Cleaning his saddle

20. Richard Anderson has appeared in 6 episodes of The Rifleman. How many episodes can you name?
One Went to DenverLariatMiss BertieFlowers by the DoorThe BulletMillie's Brother

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