The Rifleman
Trivia page Answers
Deadly Wait — episode 26

1.  What does Lucas notice as he rides into town
The streets are empty except for one horse on the street

2.  Where is Micah?
Standing in front of his office with his shotgun

3.  Who is sitting in the window of the saloon and how does Micah know him?
Dan Maury and Micah sent him to Yuma Prison five years ago

4.  How many statues are behind the bar in the saloon?

5.  Who plays the outlaw Dan Maury?
Lee Van Cleef

6.  What does Dan tell Lucas they talked about in prison?
A big, ugly sodbuster called The Rifleman

7.  What does Lucas tell Dan?
If anything happens to Micah, he’ll answer to him

8.  What is Dan concerned about?
Micah’s shotgun

9.  What is Lucas doing back at the ranch and what does Dan do there?
Chopping wood and Dan shoots Lucas twice

10. Where does Mark see Lucas’ rifle?
Leaning against the barn and a pool of blood

11. Where is Lucas when Mark finds him?
At the kitchen sink

12. What awakens Micah?
Maury galloping back into town

13. Where is Lucas wounded?
Right shoulder and his forehead

14. What surprises Maury?
To see Lucas alive and going into the hotel

15. What does Mark ask Micah and what is his reply?
“Why the street are so empty” asks Mark. Micah says “is it son, I hadn’t noticed”

16. What room is Lucas taken to in the hotel and when can Mark take Lucas home?
Room 12 and the next day if he doesn’t have a fever

17. What happens when Lucas falls asleep?
Mark covers him and kisses his forehead

18. Where is Mark when Lucas wakes up in the hotel?
Asleep in the chair

19. Lee Van Cleef also appeared in another TV Series with Chuck, can you name the series?

20. What is Lucas’s famous line at the end standing in the street with Micah?
“Micah when I walk in front of you, draw your gun and make it good”

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