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The Wrong Man — episode 27

1.  What is on the banner across the street?

2.  Who stops to see Micah and who is he looking for?

3.  What is the description of the man he is looking for?

4.  What show did Lucas and Mark go see and what was the admission?

5.  What does Mark ask Lucas about the shell game?

6.  What does Mark believe?

7.  How did Mark earn that money?

8.  What does the shell game man do to Jefferson?

9.  Who are the two possible suspects in North Fork?

10. What is Curly’s real name?

11. How does Jefferson draw so quickly?

12. What does Mark ask Jefferson for?

13. What does Mark tell Jefferson about his Pa?

14. Where does Frank Hardy live?

15. What does Jefferson want from Hardy?

16. What room is Curly in?

17. What is the crime Pete Dawson committed?

18. Why does Jefferson tell Lucas he didn’t recognize Curly earlier?

19. What does Lucas tell Micah to do with the reward?

20. Lyle Bettger played Jay Jefferson in this episode. He appeared in another episode as a bad ranch owner. Can you name the episode & the name of his ranch?

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