The Rifleman
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The Challenge
— episode 28

1.  Who rides into North Fork?

2.  Where are Lucas, Mark & Micah?

3.  What does Lucas ask Micah?

4.  Why doe Micah go in the back room?

5.  Who do they take as hostages?

6.  How long was Jake in the State Pen?

7.  What are they looking for in North Fork?

8.  What does Jake call Lucas?

9.  What does Davy remember?

10. Who is leading the Town Meeting about the incident?

11. Who fills in for Micah?

12. What does Sweeny tell Lucas?

13. Whose saloon is mentioned in the song?

14. Who wants to collect the reward?

15. What does Micah tell Jake?

16. What does Davy tell Jake?

17. Who does Lucas tell Mark he can always trust?

18. What does Pardee do when Lucas comes out to fact him

19. Adam Williams appeared in six episodes of The Rifleman, can you name them?

20. Which one of these episodes did Adam Williams write?

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