The Rifleman
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Hawk — episode 29

1.  What is Mark’s first line?

2.  What does he ask the hawk?

3.  Besides the hawk, what does Mark find?

4.  What scares Mark when he sees the camper?

5.  What is the camper’s name?

6.  What happened to him?

7.  How far is the McCain’s ranch?

8.  What is the alternative for dinner if no rabbit is found?

9.  What does Lucas do for Mark?

10. What does Mark say the hawk will do?

11. What does Lucas offer to do?

12. What is Lucas making for dinner?

13. Out of all the snares, what does Mark come back with?

14. What does Walt do with the snakeskin?

15. What does he promise to do for Lucas?

16. What is Micah doing when Lucas arrives?

17. Who is the man with him?

18. What is the name on the poster?

19. What does the sampler on the McCain’s wall say?

20. What does Lucas say to Mark at the end?

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