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End of a Young Gun — episode 3

1. There were four actors who appeared on The Rifleman that were regulars on Bonanza.  Do you know who they are?

2. What happened to Mark that Will went to help him?

3. What was the name of the Doc that Lucas said he would go and get?

4. What is above the fireplace in this episode?

5. What made Lucas feel that Will wasn't as mean as he left on?

6. When did Hank tell Will he would be back for him?

7. Can you finish this sentence? Hank: "Don't worry about 'the Sodbuster'............."

8. What was the name of the U.S. Marshal from Martinsville?

9. What did Will say he would have done to the Marshal if Lucas would have told him that Will was there?

10. With that remark, what did Lucas do to Will?

11. Who's birthday party was Mark planning on going to and what present did he want to buy?

12. What kind of pie did they have for dessert?

13. What game did Mark & Will play?

14. What was Will doing when Ann Baer stopped by to ask Lucas to dinner on Sunday?

15. What did Will make for Mark?

16. What did Lucas do when Will started to hand over the money in the saddle bags to Hank?

17. When Will & Ann were getting ready to say their good-byes, what did Lucas do to Mark?

18. Charles Cooper played Will's older brother Hank Fulton in this episode of End of a Young Gun.
He also appeared three other episodes, can you name them?

19. After Mark tells Lucas the men saved him from falling off the cliff, Lucas introduces himself as “Luke McCain.” This is rare for him to refer to himself in this manner. There is another episode Lucas does this in, can you name the episode?

20. How many episodes can you name that we see either a checker game or a chess game being played or mentioned?

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