The Rifleman
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Three-Legged Terror
— episode 30

1.  What does Mark notice at the ranch?

2.  What does Lucas ask?

3.  Where is Miss Adams?

4.  What does Mark say when he sees the damage?

5.  When did Johnny’s father die?

6.  How old is Johnny Clover?

7.  What is the only thing missing from the school?

8.  What is Johnny’s uncle’s name?

9.  What does Lucas thank the uncle for?

10. What does Toomey offer to do?

11. What does Mark ask Toomey?

12. What did he do to his uncle?

13. What does Johnny ask Mark in the saloon?

14. What does he want Lucas to do to Mark?

15. What does Lucas do to Johnny?

16. What shop is next to Micah’s?

17. What does Johnny give the McCain's when he left?

18. Although we never saw Miss Pritchard, what episode was she mentioned in?

19. Do you know what Toomey's first name was?

20. While they are doing some of the games at the picnic, we see five signs, we can only read three of them, what is printed on them?

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