The Rifleman
Trivia page Answers
The Angry Man
— episode 31

1.  What are Lucas and Mark doing?
Stalking a deer

2.  What does the sign say?
Stay off my property or get shot! Abel McDonald

3.  What does MacDonald give them?
10 seconds to get off his property

4.  What does Lucas tell him?
That it is government land

5.  What does MacDonald tell them?
He signed the homestead papers that morning

6.  What is his son’s name?

7.  What is Mark happy about?
Having another boy nearby

8.  What does Lucas bring to the MacDonald's?
A bag of seed

9. What is Mark doing when he meets Carey?
Freeing a calf from the brambles

10. What does Mark ask Carey to do?
Go swimming

11. What does MacDonald tell Mark?
To leave the calf and get off his land

12. When did the McCain's buy the calf?

13. What does Lucas offer him?
To loan him his best seed bull

14. What does Lucas call the barbed wire?
Devil Wire

15. How is Carey hurt?
His horse throws him into the barbed wire

16. Why won’t Doc go back to the MacDonald's?
MacDonald took a shot at him

17. Doc is the only medical man in how many miles?
200 miles

18. How many children does the woman in labor have?

19. What does MacDonald see Mark do?
Pray by Carey’s bed

20. What does Lucas want to do?
Put a big gate between their properties

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