The Rifleman
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The Woman
— episode 32

1.  What does Miss Adams bring Mark because he is off school?
Books to read

2.  What does Mark have?

3.  What does she drop while at the ranch?
Suffragette pamphlets

4.  What does she plan to do that evening?
Give a class on government to ladies

5.  What is Lucas’ opinion of women voting?
It’s like racing a cow against a stallion

6.  What does Lucas think makes women happier?
Women would be happier tending a home

7.  What is Mark reading?
Moby Dick

8.  What does Lucas see at Hattie’s and what is in them?
Boxes from Kansas City and Hattie shows him some bloomers

9.  What does the sign in front of Hattie’s store say?
Our prices are always right

10.  What does Hattie show Lucas?
A bloomer outfit

11. What are they planning to do to Miss Adams?
Run her out of town

12. What does Mark want to know from Lucas?
If he wouldn’t have wanted Ma to vote

13. Why does Lucas follow the stage?
To bring Miss Adams back to the ranch and convince her to stay

14. What does Miss Adams make for dinner with what ingredients?
An omelet soufflé with cheese, cream, eggs, butter, flour

15. How old is Miss Adams and what is her first name?
27 and her name is Adele

16. Who delivers Lucas’ tonic to the ranch and what was she wearing?
Hattie and she is wearing bloomers

17. Patricia Barry appeared as Adele Adams, North Fork's school teacher for two episodes, can you name those episodes?
The Woman and the Three Legged Terror

18. Although we never saw Miss Pritchard, what episode was she mentioned in?
The Jealous Man — So I guess you could say 4 different teachers, but we only met 3 of them.

19. North Fork had three (4) different school teachers, one of them was a male teacher, can you name the teacher & the episode he was introduced in?
The Schoolmaster - Arnold Moss played Stephen Griswald

20. Hope Summers as Hattie Denton, owner of The General Store. What episode was Hattie first introduced to in The Rifleman?
Eight Hours to Die

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