The Rifleman
Trivia page Answers
The Money Gun
— episode 33

1.  What does Jackford tell Nils about his horse?
His horse has a loose shoe, left fore foot

2.  What does Sanderson ask Jackford?
A little more time on his note

3.  Why does Jackford go after him?
He embezzled $2000 from Jackford

4.  What does Lucas say about Oat?
He’s full of beans today

5.  What does Lucas tell Sanderson when he was complaining?
We all get the same weather

6.  What does the sign over the livery say?
Auction: Sanderson Household & Farm Goods

7.  How does King greet Lucas?
Que Pasa, Lucas

8.  What surprises Micah?
Lucas once rode with Tom King as a deputy

9.  What is the money it takes to hire King and who is his target?
$500, Oat Jackford

10. What does Tom King tell Lucas he acts like?
A mother hen

11. Why is Lucas waiting outside town?
To stop Oat Jackford from coming into town

12. What does Oat say to Tom King?
Turn loose your dogs

13. What does Mark say that angers Lucas?
I’m glad it’s Mr. Jackford (who’s going to get killed)

14. What won’t Oat do?
Draw his gun

15. What does he do to Tom?
Breaks his hand

16. What happens to Tom?
Manning shoots him

17. When does Lucas say Oat will die?
In bed with 30 great-grandchildren standing around him

18. Bert Freed played Oat Jackford in this episode of The Money Gun. Bert Freed was in another episode of The Rifleman, can you name it?
Short Rope for a Tall Man

19. How many actors played Nels/The Blacksmith?
6 or is it 7? According to the credits in The Three Legged Terror — Toomey is also a Blacksmith

20. Who was the creator of The Rifleman? He wrote The Sharpshooter and Home Ranch and he also wrote & directed The MarshalThe Boarding HouseThe Money GunThe Babysitter
Sam Peckinpah

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